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Cat food is a type of food specially engineered for the feeding of cats. more...

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Cat food is supplemented with synthetic taurine, an amino acid essential for cats, which is why other pet foods are not recommended for cats.

Cat food is commonly made from what would otherwise be waste products of the meat industry. Some cat experts claim that this practice, as well as the overly processed nature of dry cat food, is responsible for many of the age-related ailments of cats. Additionally, many major brand-name cat foods are primarily grain-based, often containing large amounts of corn or rice supplemented with meats and essential vitamins, and usually saturated with 'digest,' a euphemistic term for real or synthetic cat vomit, to attract the cat as cats are prone to re-eating previously swallowed and vomited foods.

Some cat enthusiasts make a higher-quality food from raw ingredients intended to provide nutrition as close as possible to the cat's natural diet. These diets generally include raw meat with organs, ground bone, some raw vegetables, and some dietary supplements.

Cats are carnivores,and they subsist on meat-based diets in nature, primarily rodents and insects. Vegetarian cat food, made with no animal products, has been available for many years, and is aimed primarily at animal rights activists. Its vendors claim that vegetarian cat food is nutritionally sound, but some veterinarians recommend against exclusively vegetarian diets for cats, as they must eat certain amino acids not found in vegetables to remain healthy (Supplements are available to provide plant based sources of these amino acids). Cat owners should always be careful to select a food that provides the animal with essential nutrients. The issue of "vegetarian" cat food versus "non-vegetarian" cat food is discussed in the article Vegetarian Diets For Pets? from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Center For Veterinary Medicine

In some countries, feeding vegetarian food to cats may constitute not feeding an appropriate diet. If the cat requires veterinary treatment for dietary deficiencies, the owner risks action under animal care legislation.

Cat food brands

  • Amì Cat (made by AMÌ s.r.l.)
  • Artemis (made by Artemis Company)
  • Bento-Kronen (made by Versele-Laga nv)
  • California Natural, Innova (made by Natura)
  • Cat Chow, Fancy Feast, Felix, Friskies, ProPlan, Tender Vittles (made by Ralston-Purina, owned by Nestlé)
  • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul (made by Diamond Pet Foods)
  • Eukanuba, Iams (made by the Iams Company, owned by Procter & Gamble)
  • Evolution (made by Evolution Diet Pet Food Corporation)
  • Felidae (made by Canidae Corporation)
  • Nutro (made by Nutro Products, Inc.)
  • Pro Pac, SportMix (made by Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc.)
  • Royal Canin (mady by Royal Canin USA, Inc.)
  • Science Diet (made by Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.)
  • Solid Gold (made by Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, Inc. )
  • Wellness (made by Old Mother Hubbard)
  • Whiskas (made by Pedigree Petfoods, owned by Mars, Inc.)
  • Wysong Pet Products (made by Wysong Corporation)


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